Final Thoughts and Wrap-up for the Year


Yesterday was our last day of class for the year. I have enjoyed teaching each of you this year and I hope everyone has a great summer and a great school year next year.

I want to share with you the websites I recommended yesterday for those to might be interested in learning more about HTML/CSS and web design.

Codecademy –  If you liked HTML/CSS and want to learn more, this is my number one recommendation.  The courses are all free (you do have to create a user account).  I would start with he HTML & CSS course, then move on to Build a Website.  Once those are done, try the Javascript course and the Build an Interactive Website (which puts HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other languages to use). – This is a great site for learning HTML, CSS, Javascript and more, and it is an excellent reference tool.  Each lesson/article include a ‘Try it Yourself’ exercise to let you practice each topic.

Khan Academy – Khan a small computer science section that includes some courses on web design.  I generally like Khan Academy, but admit I haven’t gone through these courses.

Tutorials – I learn a lot from tutorials posted on web design blogs.  Here are a couple that you might find interesting:

Other programming languages – This article lists several places you can go to learn programming.  Most of these are for languages other than HTML and CSS. – I didn’t mention Tuts+ yesterday, but they have excellent tutorials and courses (some paid, some free) for a large variety of web design and development topics.

Youtube – Go to Youtube and search HTML tutorial, CSS tutorial, or web design tutorial.  You’ll find a huge number of decent video tutorials.


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